12/30/11 – What God has Done through you

Dear Supporters and Friends of EBCCK

A short look at the Years end and New Year’s challenges.

We are now approaching the year’s end and I have had the opportunity to look over my records and I would like to report to you what I have found. I really want to thank the Lord and you for being used of Him to help out in this last year’s needs. We are ending the year without debt.

This past year all the funds that you sent were used for development of EBCCK and the children. The only paid staff are those who work directly with the children. The Lord really blessed us, in 2011 and a great deal of progress was made. The new dining and kitchen area is almost ready for use but finishing the work in the “Resource Centre” will take a few weeks. It will house our “Elma ACE Centre” , computer class room, library and administrative offices. We started the year with $42,435.00 in the accounts and in cash. The Lord blessed that through you another $74,918.00 came in during the year, including Dec.. That is a total of $117,353.00.

We have recorded and stored the receipts for the year. They total, $113,316.00 if we use 82 shillings as the average exchange rate. (On her account with Quick books, Jill Weller, keeps everything in detail, I am just giving you a summary from my records.) We have the difference of about $4,000.00 still in the bank and in cash to face the new year with. To be honest, this will not cover January’s expenses, even if we do not include the school fees. This is the time for buying the year’s supply of maize, for the farmers are harvesting and selling cheap in order to get school fees for their children. Also all the government fees and insurance premiums are due for the year. We too must have school fees for our children. The first term will reach nearly $8000.00. Please be in prayer with us about this. We are trusting the Lord to bring in the resources needed to care for the children and develop the Elma Centre, but we are taking a number of steps to cut the cost of education. We are also trying to develop the land so we can grow more food and perhaps keep a cow or two.

The ACE program will be a big help in teaching our younger children. We have tested them to find at what level they are working. Please be in prayer as we need to obtain the materials, build desks and transfer nearly all children from the primary school to our Elma ACE Centre.

Please pray for the four girls and one boy who have finished primary school and are ready for High School. We wish to place four of these young people in Christian homes near good day schools so they can attend as day students. This will be better for the youth and cheaper. We now have a home for one girl, Risper, and a possibility for the other two Mary, and Selina. Pray for the boy, Hillary, that we can find a good home for him. Jane has high enough marks to obtain a place in a Government school. This would be a good step for Jane so please pray that she will be placed in a good government school not far from us. The cost of her high school education would be much less because the government schools cost a lot less.

Please pray for the other thirteen high school students who are already in boarding schools. They will need to remain in the schools where they are.

We do have, five youth in polytechnics who need to continue their training. Pray especially for Amos as he is starting his second term. He is an orphan boy who has been with us from early childhood. His school is in Eldoret and is recognized as a good school, and he has to live in a hostel making his schooling more expensive.

Please pray for, Vincent, Victor, Jackson, and Delvis as they have finished their polytechnics and are now doing their attachments. They must find jobs after finishing their attachments for EBCCK can no longer support them. Delvis has an interview coming up this coming week. There is only one opening and forty applicants.

Please continue to pray for myself, and for Jill, as she is our accountant, and is trying to get 501c3 status for Elma in the states, and for the board and staff, that we might have wisdom and strength to carryout God’s Will for the Elma Centre.

We want to thank you for all your prayers and support that has enable EBCCK to be a shinning example of how God’s love has reached our children. If you have any questions concerning the work or the needs please feel free to ask

May the Lord bless you in this coming year. I am sure it will be a year in which we must remain in Christ and trust Him for protection and care.

Serving the Lord Jesus together,

Roy and Helen, on behalf of all the children, youth, staff and Board of EBCCK.