One of the four basic elements.  Water, preferably clean.

We have recently received matching funds to drill our own borehole on the property of EBCCK.  This process started in late May 2011 and is currently in process.  (Please check back for updates.)

Currently we receive water from the community borehole, but it is brackish and not good for drinking over a period of time. This water is pumped via pipes to two main water tanks at the top of our property. (see video below) Then we have pipes running to the boy’s dorm water tank. We don’t have running water in the buildings, but just piped to the collection tanks. The kids use buckets to collect the water for bathing, cooking, washing clothes,etc.

Before April 2011 we relied on water trucked in from the local river.  Not only was it very dirty water, it was extremely costly, and was also causing much sickness among the children even when filtered.

In addition, each building is equipped with gutter systems to collect rain water into 10,000 liter tanks.  This water is then filtered and used for drinking, cooking, washing, etc.