Vincent and Victor

Greetings EBCCK family members, July 29, 2012

We want to introduce you to two of our young men who are stepping out on their own after finishing their diploma course in Eldoret Polytechnic.

Vincent K’s mother died four year after his father leaving a family of five boys with no parents. His uncle brought them to the Cheppema Children’s Centre and they were accepted in 2005. Vincent the oldest, was already 18 years old, but all his younger bothers looked to him as their leader. When the director of the Cheppema Children’s Centre evicted the children from his place in 2008, Vincent and three of his bothers showed wisdom remained under the Elma Board. The Board welcomed them and continued support Vincent even-though he was now over eighteen and nearly out of high school, which he had started four years after leaving primary school.* He went to Tumaini High School and later enrolled into Eldoret Polytechnic and finished there in November of 2011, with a Diploma in Human Resource Management. His graduation was in July of this year. The Elma Barnett Children’s Centre Kamonong continued to support Vincent while he did his attachments and tried to find a job so he could support himself.

Vincent’s mother led him to the Lord in the last months before she died in 2004. She assured him that if he trusted the Lord nothing would ever be impossible for him. He remained a follower of Jesus throughout his time in school and attended church regularly while he was at the Eldoret Polytechnic. He always expressed faith in the Lord whenever he was visited at boarding school by the staff of the Elma Centre. He gave a very impressive testimony of his faith at his graduation celebration held at the Elma centre on July 29th 2012. He asked that we all continue to pray for him as he seeks a permanent job and establishes himself as a self-supporting Christian member of the Kenyan society. He is now under the supervision of his uncle who is his guardian.

He says, “I really appreciate the good work EBCCCK is doing making dreams of the children formed into reality. I pray hard that donors and sponsors continue with their great support. I thank the Board, staff, sponsors and Pastor Roy and his family for their love and support.”

In response to the question: What do you hope to do in the years to come? “I do hope that the Lord Jesus will help me get a job of which I will be able to be dependent on myself and to pursue a Degree course of which have been my Dream. I thank God now that I have a Diploma course, getting a Degree will be much easier. But, more I pray that God continue making me his vessel.”

Victor T. age 23 The shorter of the two in the picture.

Victor sought help from the Cheppema Children’s Centre in February of 2004, at the age of 15, because he was an orphan he had no one to sponsor him through school. He was accepted and was able to continue in his schooling at the Cheppema Joy Academy for primary, Tumaini High School and then at the Eldoret Polytechnic College where he received training in Business Administration. He is now under the care of his great uncle, who is his legal guardian.

He was led to accept the Lord Jesus at the age of ten by his parents who taught him to attend church. He has remained a faithful follower of Jesus through his developing years in spite of the trails he faced. He chose to remain under the direction of the Elma Board when the children were evicted from the property of the director of the CCC. He gave a very good testimony of his faith at his graduation celebration held at the Elma Barnett Children’s Centre Kamonong on July 29, 2012.

He stated “I had a very nice time at EBCCK and I would always be remembering there with the big support and parenthood treatment that I was given.”

When asked: What do you hope to do in the years to come? “My hope from now and years to come is to proceed with my studies to degree level thereafter secure employment and give a helping hand to the less fortunate in the society.”

Victor T has always been open concerning his faith. He has lived according to the Christian principles he was taught. He is very thankful to the Board, Staff, and supporters of the EBCCK for their support and love they gave him. He gives the Lord Jesus credit for his accomplishments in school and seeks His guidance for his life.

Your prayers, support and effort have enabled a number of children to pass through High School and receive some training for employment. Some have found jobs, others are still seeking a good job, while some are in job training and a few are going on for more education. The most important thing is for our children and youth to know the Lord Jesus and allow Him to guide their lives. Vincent K, and Victor T. are seeking His guidance for themselves.

When a child turns eighteen he/she is considered an adult in Kenya and can no longer remain in the home for children. Many “homes” turn the eighteen year old out on their own, but the EBCCK has a policy that if they will remain under the authority of the EBCCK and continue their education they will be supported through High School and some type of Job training so they have a chance to get a job and be self supporting. You have made it possible for EBCCK to do that with these two young men.

We, the Board, Staff, Children and Youth of the EBCCK wish to thank you and praise the Lord for you.

Together in Christ, Roy and Helen