Update from Roy Stover 6/2/13

Dear Elma Family,

Just a quick update on with the new high School building.  Our next step will be the trusses and the roof But there are no funds to continue. We will need about $8000 to complete the roofing, and then we will have the plastering of the walls, floor, windows, and furniture. All of this will cost us $25,000.00 Yes we will have to build the toilet block and develop the kitchen. We hope to do all this before Dec. We need to hire a Head Master/Principle too. He must help us with the selection of teachers, and registering of the school. As you can see we are a long way from being where we want to be by Dec. of this year. Please be in prayer with us.

We have 6 students who are now in Standard eight going to Oriner Primary who will need to move to High School at the close of this year. Many of the local students would like to attend too. So the push is on to move on with our school development. Pray with us that we may be able to raise funds from this area too. We are hoping to have a show of our “intent to develop” a High School at the end of July by inviting the community and concerned officials to the site. Please be in prayer with us that by that time the roof will be on.

Thanks so very much for all the support and prayers that you have been giving on behalf of the Elma Ministries. Five of our young people have asked to be baptized. We want to take them through our catechisms course between now and August, so they can join those in our Church who will be baptized that month. Please continue to pray for Helen and I, the Board, Staff, and Children as we try to glorify the Lord Jesus in the way the Elma Centre is run and developed.

Together in Jesus, Roy and Helen.