Update from Roy Stover – 5/23/14

Dear Elma Family,

In my last email I asked that you pray for Sharon who is having eye problems.  Thank you so much for doing that.  Let me explain what the Lord has done.

For the past few weeks EBCCK had been trying to care for her eye problems, but had not found the person who really could tell us what was wrong. The CEO directed that she be taken as soon as possible to a specialist who could give her the treatment she needed. EBCCK Treasurer, Judy,  knew of the best ophthalmologist in the Nakuru, Eldoret area.  She was willing to make an appointment with him and arranged to use her Saturday to accompany Sharon to see the ophthalmologist. Our Social worker, Vincent,  who is the one who visits the school and keeps track of the medical needs and represents us to the child Welfare department took Sharon to Nakuru and they met with Judy and went to the ophthalmologist.  After waiting some time they had the appointment.  The Dr. spent nearly an hour examining and then explaining to Sharon that she did have an allergy.   He prescribed some ointment and drops.  He spent a long time showing her how to massage  the area around the eyes and explained that within a few weeks her eye problem should go away. The Dr does not feel that Sharon will have to go back for another appointment.

One more blessing that came from that meeting was the doctor’s  appraisal of Sharon’s condition. He could not believe she was from a Children’s Centre because she was so well feed, healthy, happy and well adjusted.  He had assumed that she was Judy’s child. It was very encouraging to have this assessment concerning one of our children. It is a reflection on the quality of people who care for the children and the love of the children for each other in the Elma Centre.  This love was expressed by one of the High School girls who has offered to help care for Sharon.  She will help in giving the drops, and encouraging her to message her eyes as directed.

You too are part of this expression of love and care.  You make it possible for the staff to do their job and for the Elma Centre to afford the medical care the children need at times.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support,

Roy, Helen, the Board, Staff, and Children of the Elma Centre.