The Sponsorship Program for the students at EBCCK  is managed by Walindwa, a U.S. charitable corporation. At the Primary and Secondary Level, donated funds go to support all the students in residence at EBCCK. At the Higher Education level, donated funds are used explicitly to support the education goals of students who have graduated from the EBCCK program. For all students, our goal is to fill the role that their parents can not and to lay a path for them to become self-sufficient, Christ-centered members of Kenyan society. For more information or to become a sponsor please visit the Walindwa website at www.walindwa.org.

Child Sponsorship Programs

Primary Student = $500 or $1000 per year
Secondary Student $1000 per year
Higher Education Student =$1,250 – $3,000 per year (Cost depends on the educational institution)

Sponsorship of a child includes:

  • Education Fees (including uniform and shoes)
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Health care
  • Spiritual Guidance

Our goal is to create a transforming experience for the child and the sponsor.  We know that Jesus Christ transforms lives and we want to connect you with a child from EBCCK in a personal way so you can feel touched by God’s love even when you are thousands of miles away.  Updates to sponsors are provided in the form of photos, letters and notes.