Sponsorship – January 19, 2012

Happy New Year Dear Friends,

Is your Church, Youth Group, Sunday School Class or Small Group looking for a project that they would like to do for missions over seas?

We are in great need for funds to buy school materials for our Home Schooling program. (Accelerated Christian Education) There are 19 children in this program.

It will cost us $250 per child for the year.

240 x 19= $4500.

Sponsor a child @ $240 or

Donate – $500

Donate – $1000

Donate – $1500

Donate – $2000

Donate – $3000

Donate – the full amount [$4500]

If you are able to get one of the above interested in helping you can go to our GIVING page for information on how to contribute.


On behalf of the EBCCK Board,

Roy and Helen Stover