October 13, 2011

Greetings to each of you,

I wish to let you know we have been blessed of the Lord in the past to be able to purchase the corn and the beans during the harvest time when they are much cheaper and store them for use during the year. This year we wish to do the same and this week we purchased some beans from the farmers up in the hills from our place at about 35% less then the current market price, because we make a bulk order. We will treat the beans so bugs will not get to them and store them here at Sunrise Acres so we can use them as needed. Our altitude is sufficiently higher than that of the Elma Centre to make a real difference in how well they will keep. We have made arrangements with the farmers to purchase corn when it comes into harvest.

We also found a wood stove that is available, which would be ideal for our new kitchen, that was made this past year complete with a water heater unit build around the stack that is available at last year’s price. The new price is now 30% higher. We are stepping out and purchasing it. This one is well built and it should last for a long time. The cost at the current exchange rate is $3,000.00. We had hoped to move the stoves we have been using but that would incur a high cost and they can continue to be of good use where they are. They are up where we will have our ACE school and will provide a means for cooking the lunch for the children. So it seems best to invest in a new stove, and hot water system for the new kitchen.

Between now and the first of the year we need to set aside the money for first term School fees. The first term is always the most expensive term.

The Kenyan shilling has been falling in terms of the dollar. The government has now taken steps to halt that fall. During the last few days the Shilling has gained on the dollar. We do have a dollar account and we have been transferring dollars to the shilling account only as we need them. Please continue to send funds to AIM Int. or to the dollar account. The Lord has blessed us through your gifts so we have been able to send the children and youth to school, feed and cloth them as needed and even take advantage of lower prices because of having cash to deal with. It is our prayer that the Joy of the Lord may be yours as you continue to help the Elma Centre experience the blessing of Lord.

May I take the liberty to give you the information needed to send funds to our Dollar account?

With our appreciation and thanks, Roy, Helen, Board, Staff and Children.

Elma Barnett Children’s Centre Kamonong, AIM International Services Acc. (U. S. Dollar Account)

Citibank Nairobi Wire Details:

Bank Name: Citibank, N.A.

Bank Location: Çitibank House, Upper Hill Road, P. O. Box 30711, Nairobi, 00100, Kenya

Swift Code: CITIKENA

Account Name; AIM International

If sending U.S. Dollars For #(USD): 102-493-095

MEMO: Further credit to Elma Barnett Children’s Centre I. S. Account 1800-9178-200