July 15, 2012

Dear Elma Family,

I have not reported for some time. I trust that you are still remembering the children and work at the Elma Centre. Things are happening. We have had rain and the crops that the children have planted are up and growing. We did find that the area we picked to grow some of the vegetables has too much clay and holds the water to the extend that the vegetables like cabbage died. Therefore we are working on developing a new area with better soil to grow some of the vegetables. Work has started on the cow shed and milking area. We have asked a good carpenter form Ravine to go down do the work of putting in the window sills and glass planes in the metal windows and repairing the work of the previous man. This man is a pastor, Ben by name, who is older, well trained and is doing a good job. He remains there at night and is able to work a full day. I have made the hood for the cooking stoves and will take that down this week so we can hang it over the stoves and take out the smoke that manages to escape from the stoves.

We are still coping PACEs for the ACE Mission School and the children are working through them at a good rate. We are trying to get a copy of each of the booklets on through the lower grades so we can keep up with the students. We do have another book of booklets coming this week. Please be in prayer that we get the PACEs and make copies before the children need them.

As you know the government did grade the road leading up to the Elma Centre. When it rained it was very slick and just about impossible to use until it dried out. Well they now have begun to put some murram on it. We have a board member who has close ties to the Member of Parliament for our area who’s wife is also on our board. Together they kept stating the need and through the M P’s influence the work on the road has taken place. It might be noted that elections are coming up too.

The children are enjoying the swing set that I made and Max and his nephew put up while we were in the states. They are happy in their play, serious in their studies and they work hard to help out with the needs of the home. Those who go to boarding school are back in school after a mid term break and working on their studies. Please continue to pray for them.

Jackson just called from Nakuru with the possibility of a doing an attachment with D.T. Dobie (New and used Car dealer, they have dealerships throughout Kenya) for work in the parts department. Pray with us that he can get that appointment. The other job he was counting on did not work out for the company did not have funds to develop the position. I just had my car worked on in the D.T. Dobie Shop because the automatic transmission started to give me trouble. They changed the fluid and that has improved it, but it is not right yet. The good point is I now know the Senior Workshop Supervisor and hope to put in a word for Jackson.

Mary Ronoh our Matron for the Boys is a very remarkable women. Just last week her husband, who loved the Lord, suddenly pasted into the presence of his savior. She had to come take care of family arrangements for funeral and care for scores of people who came to her home to offer comfort. She did this with grace and joy. (The problem is that in this culture people come, eat, stay, and visit, but they do not bring the recourses to help care for themselves or do the work of looking after themselves. All of this falls on the bereaved family.) I spoke at her husband’s funeral on Friday then again at the funeral of our Treasures’ Mother in-law on Sat. This has been a very different week for our staff at the Elma centre because of the deaths in the families of our key people. One of the teachers had to take over the needs of the boys, which she did with much grace. Our manager did a great job of keeping things going and in good shape.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We are all very grateful and we do appreciate your involvement. God is blessing in many ways, and you make it possible for the Children to be well cared for.

With are sincere thanks,

Roy, Helen, the Board, and Children at Elma.