February 21, 2012 – Samson Update


The Lord is wonderful,  Samson did not have infection down in the bone. The Doctors are not sure what is causing the infection but they are studying the tissue and have asked that we bring him back in two weeks. He is now at the Elma centre. He may still have pain and it hard for him to get around.  We need to pray that the Kijabe Medical Centre can come up with the cause of the infection.  The sore has been cleaned and bandaged well.  We have to find out what we do for Samson during these two weeks.  So far we have not been given any instructions.  We are very thankful that the bone has not been infected and that we have started down the road of treatment. He is on an antibiotic, and they are seeking to find the correct treatment. Dr. Bruce was so kind to help us get Samson started on the path to proper treatment and health. We are very thankful for him and the doctors at the Kijabe Medical Centre.  One of our members of our church is a nurse here at Ravine and her sister, Mary is a nurse at the KMC. Mary has keep close taps on Samson and will let us know what we should do for him during these two weeks.  Many have shown interest and Max and Gillian have been his “parents  during this time.  Our Social Worker Dinah has traveled down a number of times to be there to help take care of Samson and the paper work. We are thankful to the Lord for way He has worked things out.   Please continue to pray for him and all of us as we try and care for the children God has entrusted to all of us. I will keep you posted.  Helen and I are really thankful to all of you and to our staff and fellow missionaries for helping us see to the needs of Samson.  We praise the Lord for showing His love through all of you.

Roy and Helen