Elma Update – 03/12/12

Dear Elma Family,

I am sending a separate Report on Samson.  It comes from Max and Gillian who have taken Samson to the Hospital at Kijabe.  Please read that email and pray with us regarding the healing that needs to take place.  The operation they are speaking about will cost nearly $1500.00.  Our concern is that if they do not know what is causing the infection, how do they keep it from happening in the areas where they have to remove tissue to put over the sight where they need to clean away the old tissue.  Max and Gillian had brought out some special Honey from New Zealand that may have the necessary properties to heal the wound.  Tomorrow Sarah the nurse from our church will show one of the staff how to clean and dress the wound.  Please continue to pray for us in this regard.

I am going down to the Elma Centre today with a load of fire wood and will explain to our plumber how to install the irrigation pipes that we have purchased in order to raise our own vegetables. The little plants are growing but watering them by hand is long difficult job.  The drip irrigation system we want to install will be a great help.

We want to praise the Lord that a donor has agreed to match up to $7500.00, given for school fees.  This is wonderful news for the funds sent for the first term school fees have been used for that purpose and that fund is now finished.  Second term fees are facing us very soon.  If the funds promised can be matched there will be enough to finish all the fees for this year, with a balance left over.  Please give thanks with us for the promised funds and pray for the funds needed to match them.

We wish to thank each of you for your prayers and continued support.  The Lord is blessing and our children are learning, growing in their knowledge of the Word of God and they are able to enjoy life.  Pray for our form 4 leavers of last year.  They now have their results and some are able to continue on with their education.  The do need sponsors for post High School education.  We will sent out a report on this very soon.  May the Lord continue to bless you as bless others in the Elma Family.

With thanks and appreciation,

Roy, Helen, Board, Staff, and Children.