EBCCK Happenings

Greetings to each of you,

As members of the EBCCK family you might be wondering what is going on. The schools are closed for a few weeks during this month. The children are busy with activities at the Elma Centre, which include games, some chores, reading, looking after their own needs, and caring for medical needs and other things.

The wind and rains that came during this last term convinced us to put glass in the windows in the dining room and kitchen. This is now completed so the rain no longer blows in and the children are not too cold in the evenings as they study and eat there. Our new solar expert, which we had to solicit, for the pervious person did not have the knowledge necessary to proved us with a good working solar electrical system, has studied the needs of the dining and kitchen area. He has located a source for good panels, batters, and control unites. These items and their instillation will come to just over $2,500.00. This is more than we spent for the other buildings, but I am very sorry to say, they are not working well or lasting, due to the fact we did not purchase quality items, even though the company told us they were. This time we are assured that we will get long lasting, guaranteed items. I have know this fellow for years and all the work he has done has been good. Please pray with us concerning this move to better quality, and that we might be able to do it.

Do you remember Paul our child that is deaf and dumb? We saw that he was not doing well emotionally and physically at the deaf school he was attending. We moved him to our ACE school and he was transformed emotionally, becoming a happy child who tried to learn. He did make some progress, but we knew he needed a good school to care for his special needs. We heard of a good deaf school in Nakuru and took Paul there to visit. He was able to communicate through sign with the staff and children and we could tell he was wanting to attend that school. He is now enrolled to start next term there. Please pray that he makes a good adjustment. This school is well kept, neat and clean and has good facilities. He will be given job training as he reaches the upper grades. It is a boarding school, but he will return to us during the vacations. Being in Nakuru makes it easy for us to visit and keep track of him.

Remember we have written about the possibility of purchasing the fourteen acres next to EBCCK property. It would enable us to care for those over 17 until they finish their high school years, and it would provide land to grow food crops. We can use our present water supply and it size would provide for future development as needed. In the past the owner was not interested in selling. (Few people want to part with their land.) Now he has agreed to sell. His asking price was very high and our offer was much lower than he would accept. He has agreed to give us 3 months, to raise funds and would sell at $2,500.00 per acre. One of the Elma supporting members in California is trying to raise the funds to purchase the land. He has some money already promised. He can be contacted through his email ( keith_edwards_1999@yahoo.com ) Please be in prayer about this as well. We are still trying to find land near the Elma Centre that is good for development at a cheaper price. It maybe that some other acreage may turn up that would do for our needs. Please pray that the Lord will lead us in this.

We wish to thank every one of you for providing for the children. They know that you are the ones who make it possible for them to have clothes, uniforms for school, food to eat, shelter from the weather, medical help, and a chance for education. They know too that you pray for them and they do study the word of God and memorize His Word. We are thankful to the Lord for all His care. He did motivate the government child welfare agency to give a few food items this past month. Also one of the school our children attend provided some food gifts and came to visit the Elma Centre. Slowly people are becoming aware of the Elma Centre and they like what they see. Pray with us that more help will come from within Kenya.

Well this short “happenings” has turned out longer then I planned and I have not spoken of many of blessing the Lord has provided. Next time. Thank you for reading it and please check our web site from time to time.

With our love, appreciation and prayers.

Roy, Helen, Board, Staff, and Children.