April 25, 2012 Update

Dear members of the EBCCK Family,

Thank you for being so patient with me. I have been planning on sending an update for sometime, but I have been waiting until things were finalized. First of all we are rejoicing that Samson’s leg is healing with the consistent care he is now getting. I looked at it today and there are indications that in three areas he may still have a bit of infection. Please pray with us that this will clear up. He thinks he is healed, but as long as there is even a small scab he must continue with the bandages.

We have received most of the matching money for the schooling that our children need. We are very thankful for that and we can send the children back to school for the second term. Please continue to pray that the rest of the matching money will come in.

We have just gone through the yearly ordeal of having our Annual General Meeting of those who are subscribers to EBCCK. These people are the ones who elect the Board and the officers of the Board. It was a good meeting and we now have that done. Our Chairman had asked to step down and a new one was elected. Mr. Brian Tallam is a member of the AIC Town where I pastor. In fact he is a local business man and heads up our church’s welfare committee. The rest of the officials stayed the same and most of the Board members were reinstated. We have sent the information that is required to the NGO Board in Nairobi so we can receive our New Registration Certificate. We had to reorganize the content of the old constitution to fit their table of contents, and if any of you would like more information I would be glad to send it. Please pray with us that will come through quickly.

Kamuren, our manager, is working to get the fields planted. They have planted one acre for crops already and there is one acre of hay planted for a future cow or two. There are two more acres to plant, but the grass and weeds that have come up since the rains have come have to be cared for first. The zero grazing stall for the cows must be constructed as well. The area that is being used to grow vegetables through drip irrigation is nearly completed. Right now the rains have come, but the drip lines are there ready to be used when the rains stop.

The Materials for the ACE school for our younger children are on the way from South Africa. We should get them in the middle of May. The school is doing well and our children are happy and learning a lot.

There are a lot of things that need to be finished. So please pray with us that we can finish the buildings that we have built. We are very happy that the road has been graded, but with the rains we find more needs to be done. Please pray with us that the Government will provide the money to put murram on the roads and put in the culverts that are needed.

Let stop here, but if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Jesus’ presence was very evident in our Annual General Meeting and I am very pleased with level of harmony and love that we have among the staff and children. Thanks so much for your support and prayers. They are needed and they make it possible for the Elma Centre to be a witness to the Love of Jesus to a great many people. May the Lord Bless you as you bless His Children here at the Elma Centre.

With our love and prayers, Roy and Helen.