April 13th Update

Greetings Friends and Supporters of EBCCK,

I have not written for sometime, but the Lord has been blessing and much has been done. The rains are here and the fields are mostly planted at the Elma Centre.  Our Manager has done well to have most of the land readied and planted.  The School term is over and there will be a short break before we take up school again in May.  We have found a good school to send our only deaf child too. It is some distance away but he was very excited to visit it and is looking forward to attending in May.

The progress being made on the development of the Elma Kamonong High School is very encouraging.  We are starting by building two class rooms and the office complex. The walls for this are going up and we now near the ring beam level.  We have not order the steel or the forming material for the ring beam yet. We need to do that this coming week.  We have asked for the assistance of the Principle of the Moi High School at Kabarak in finding a good Christian who can take the responsibility of heading up the school.  We are hoping to have interviews in May or June.  Please pray with us about this move that Lord will lead us to the man or women of his choosing.

There is one matter that I need to ask your help on.  If you have sent any support this year to Elma Centre through the N. Y. Citibank account please check and see if you listed the name and account number of the Elma Barnett Children’s Centre Kamonong as the finial destination of the funds.  The The account the money goes to has hundreds of sub accounts, ours is only one. If that information is not clearly given then the money will not be put into our account.  I bring this up because some have said they have sent money, but our statement does not show it listed. It would be good to send me the date, amount, and the name under which you sent the money. That is the name of the sender.  I could forward that to the ABS here in Nairobi and they can check to see if that money is just waiting to reach its destination.  We need to have any funds sent so we can continue to develop the Elma Centre and the High School.   The N. Y. Citibank is still a great way to send us funds. Money wired there reaches us very quickly if the name and account # 9178 is listed.  Thank you for looking into for us.  I do appreciate your cooperation, love and concern for the children. We hope to send out a letter with pictures and more news very soon.  Together in Christ, Roy and Helen.

Let me give you the information that you need to send money to us through N.Y. Citibank  account.

Is possible for you to give them our Citibank NY bank details so that when
they transfer in future it will be within US and there will be no bank
charges? See below the details

Bank Name:          Citibank

Bank Branch:          New York

Bank Location:     111 Wall Street, New York, NY 11120

ABA:               021000089

Account Name:     AIM International

Account #:          36826621

MEMO:     Further credit to I.S. account 1800-9178-200
Name. Elma Barnett Children’s Centre Kamonong

Please do not send checks to the above address.
Best Regards,
Daniel Kiprop | Accountant | AIM ABS| P.O Box 21171, 00505, Nairobi Kenya