9/7/12 EBCCK Update

Dear Supporters and Friends of Elma:

I wanted to update you on our situation, but I will not be able to cover all the news. First I would like you to pray for one of our Board members and his family. Mr. Boit, his oldest daughter, who had finished college was not feeling well in the morning and became sick enough that they started to the hospital with her, but she passed away on the way. As I understand it she had not been real sick and this came as a shock to the family. Please be in prayer for Mr. Boit and his family.

Please pray with us too concerning our finances. Remember we had a gift of money for school fees that had to be matched. $2500.00 of that money was not matched by donor funds. We had to use our normal running funds to match it. That has put us very short at this time. Some of our bills are waiting payment, some money has been advanced, so we could send the children and youth back to school. Because of a teacher’s strike the High School students and some others have not gone yet, but their fees had to be paid.

We are trying to plant again for the rains are still with us. This time we want to plant beans for the first planting was almost totally destroyed by too much rain. This is the time of the year that we normally purchase the amount of beans we need for the whole year, they are not available and neither is the funds. There are two cows at the Elma centre now, enjoying their new shed and fresh green grass and giving twenty liters of milk a day. We are thankful for this step to become more self-sufficient.

Please continue to pray for our staff for some are working a lot of extra hrs. We need to make some adjustments and we need a mature women to cover the girls dorm so our Social Worker can be freed from dorm parenting to do her job more effectively.

We are still hoping to be able to raise enough funds to purchase the adjoining acreage for future development, a wise investment, and a means to raise more food crops so Elma can become closer to self-sufficiency. We need at least $35,000.00 for that. Dr. Keith is heading up the fund raising for this project. Please contact him or let me know if you can join in this project. Keith Edwards keith_edwards_1999@yahoo.com.

We wish to thank each one you for your prayers and support. Our children and youth are very thankful and they are working hard to do their part. They are learning, helping out at the Elma Centre and praying as well. Together the centre is developing. We all look about us and see so many children who need help and who’s lives may be ruined, but for the help that comes from people like yourselves. You truly make an eternal difference. May the Lord give you His joy and peace. Thank you for enabling us to help you help others.

Roy, Helen, Board, Staff, Youth and Children of the Elma Centre.