2/2/12 Update

Dear EBCCK family,

We have a lot to be thankful for. The Lord has supplied some funds for the first term school fees, and Julius, Victor, Wesley , Jeniffer, Evans, Milton Dennis, Keffa, Jonathan, Risper , Kelvin, Josphine, Gilbert, Jane, Risper, and Hillary are able to attend high school. Pray that they will be able to remain in school for the next two terms. Amos, Evans, and Emmie area able to continue training in some post High School courses. Vincent, Evans, Victor, Jackson will have a place to live for this month while they finish their attachments and will be looking for a job. Pray that they will be able to find one this month.

Brian, Natasha, Denis , Henry, Noah, Christine, Patrick, Dennis, Stella, Sarah , Samson (more on him later), Isaac, Daniel, Faith, Sharon, Japheth, Vincent, Sharon, Denis, and Mercy have had ACE PACEs to work with in our home schooling program and they are very happy with it. Please pray that we can continue to get the PACEs we need to stay ahead of the learning that is going on. Irine , Caroline, Brenda, Tyson, Timothy, and Irine are still having to walk all the way to the primary school for they are in standard seven and eight, but they are happy that they can attend school.

We are thankful too that Samson who is now 16 and about 6’6’’ tall has been scheduled for a much needed surgery on his right leg, which has a bone infection. The sore on his leg has been there for years and it was never diagnosed properly until a doctor came to stay at our place and we took him to see the boy. Now on the first of March he will be operated on at the Kijabe Medical Centre. Please pray for him.


We would also like you to pray for Paul. We had Paul tested at Kijabe to see if he could hear at all. He seems to be totally deaf, but everyone was sure that he is intelligent. We are not sure of his age but a birth date was picked for him that makes him twelve at this time. He attends a school for deaf children which is only 20 minutes from the Elma Centre. Helen and I were not impressed with its level of care or development when we picked up Paul to take him to Kijabe. Paul also has a bad wound on his hand it needs to be kept clean and cared for but it does not seem he will get much help in looking after it. Please pray for Paul.

We thank the Lord that we may be able to pay for the bills of last month. We are very thankful for each of you that send support on a regular basis regardless of the size. It is this support that maintains our running cost. We are very thankful for it. Pray that others will join and that our monthly income will increase to meet the monthly cost.

We are very thankful for the development we can do toward making the Elma Centre more self sustaining. The Lord is providing some help so we can work toward these goals. Pray that we can use what He has provided wisely. We are especially thankful for the water which we can use to grown our own vegetables and perhaps maintain a garden for the whole year.

I am personally thankful for a good staff and their desire to do the Lord’s will as they work and love the children. Pray for them and for their needs as well. We have been very concerned about the schooling needs, and how God would provide. He has not let us down and we are very appreciative of His faithfulness. May He continue to show His Faithfulness to each of you. Pray that we may have wisdom to discern His will and follow His Word. With our thanks and prayers, Roy, Helen, Board, Staff and Children of the Elma Centre.