11/27/11 – Education Update

Dear Elma Centre Family, (News on Education) Pr. Roy Stover. 27/11/11

I have been meaning to give you another update on the events at the Elma Barnett Children’s Centre Kamonong for some time. I wanted to write after there had been some closure on a number of things the Board has had to face, but closure does not come easily and new ideas keep coming up. The big issue is the very high cost of sending our children and young people away for education. We have had to look at this from a new perspective. It is very hard for anyone to find a job in Kenya unless they have a degree from a government recognized school. We are now evaluating the usefulness of sending our post high school youth who qualify for more training anywhere but a recognized school.

Nearly half of our running budget is for High School expenses. The Board has placed achievement levels that must be reached in primary school before we will take on the expense of sending a student to High School, but nearly all of our children do well enough in primary to qualify for High School. Pray with us that we will have the funds need to continue to send our children to Boarding Schools.

We are now graduating five to six from High School each year, and the cost of continuing their education for three to five years is far beyond budget under our present set up. The Board has decided we must have a sponsor or sponsors who will team up with a qualifying student and support his or hers education. Having such sponsors will enable our sharp youth to develop their potential.

A few of the youth are very sharp and deserve to go on to higher education. But some need to learn skills that will enable them to find work, or start a business so they can earn a living. The Board is considering a number of training programs that we can start on Elma’s land that will last approximately a year. These programs can include farming techniques like “Farming God’s Way”, raising pigs, raising fish, and baking. We can develop other areas of training that will help them find jobs, like sewing, painting, simple carpentry skills, basic mason skills, and computer training. We would like you to pray with us as we discuss these ideas and implement the ones we can. We are starting a “Farming God’s Way” training program for that will help supply vegetables and grains that are needed and we have some youth interested in that. These programs will cost something to set up, but after that expense they should earn funds the Elma Centre. We will have to house these students in separate housing from those 17 and under. So please pray for us as we seek God’s direction and enabling concerning these needs.

The Board has decided to start using the Accelerated Christian Education, ACE, for our youngest children. We are sending two teachers for training this December. Pray with us concerning God’s guidance as to how far up the education ladder we can use this program and for its success.

Please be in prayer for Frances who has obtained a job and pray for Vincent, Jackson, and Victor as they do their attachments and then seek a job.

More news coming in the near future. Thanks so much for your prayers, concern, and support.

Together in Christ, Roy, Helen, The Board, Staff and all the Children and Youth.